Adashiko Joint Formula

Adashiko Joint Formula


Adashiko Joint Formula

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Adashiko Joint Formula

This formulation contains high potency, superior absorption ingredients that both replenish and boost the body’s own natural collagen production. The daily consumption of this premium formulation promotes healthy joint health, increased mobility, reduced stiffness, full body strength, joint elasticity and anti-ageing.

Collagen consumption can benefit those that suffer from osteoarthritis, sore joints, injuries and those wanting to speed up post-operative recovery. Adashiko use 100% peptide collagen that is very small in size meaning the body finds it super easy to absorb and it does this with no taste or odour making it super easy to take. If you wish to learn more in depth about collagen and it’s benefits in the body read out highly popular blog on collagen.


This product only uses pure natural ingredients:

+ Japanese Peptide Collagen
replenishes collagen levels in the body and encourages natural collagen formation through the connective tissues, cartilage, organs, bones, skin, hair, and nails.

+ Hyaluronic Acid
binds to water to increase hydration and lubrication through the joints and the body.

+ Glucosamine
found naturally in joints, assists with cartilage health, joint lubrication and mobility.

+ Chondroitin
is a major component of cartilage that enables it to retain water.

lowers inflammation and restores joint and muscle tissue.

+ Dextrin
is a natural fibre and prebiotic that assists detoxification in the body.


How to take:

2 scoops (scoop included) into ANYTHING hot or cold. This means you can mix it into a cup of coffee or a glass of water or juice. Sprinkle it on your favourite cereal or mix into yoghurt. Many of our customers have come up with very innovative recipes that include adashiko infused baked goods or mock-tails for a nice sunny afternoon. Please consult your healthcare professional before taking any dietary supplement if you’re pregnant or on any medication. Supplements do not replace a balanced diet. Always read the label and use as directed. Store below 30 degrees in a dry place.