Milla Collagen Powder 150g

Milla Collagen Powder 150g


Milla Marine Collagen Powder 150g

  • 90% purified marine collagen, 10% freeze dried fruit juice powder (lemon/passionfruit) or nude unflavoured

  • As a hydrolysed marine collagen powder it is more efficiently absorbed by the body than other kinds of collagen (bovine).

  • Our lemon and passionfruit flavouring comes from the fruit itself, with no sweeteners or sugar giving a clean and natural taste profile.

  • There are very few surprises in milla collagen powder—it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. It has no sugar or artificial flavours. As mentioned above, we use powdered real fruit to add flavour, not stevia or any other kind of sweetener which you might find in another brand of collagen. Artificial flavouring is found in so many health supplements, and we prefer our product to be all-natural.

  • Milla is also odourless, and is highly digestible.

  • The recommended daily serving of milla collagen is five grams; two or three heaped spoonfuls.

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