Progurt pH 105 Capsules

Progurt pH 105 Capsules


PH 10.3 Deep Ocean Alkaline Salt Capsules. 

Compared to natural Sea Salt, PH Capsules are lower in the chloride Sodium and higher in the chlorides of Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. Alkaline, mineralised Sea Salt can have a profound effect on hydration, circulation and the appropriate regulation of gut PH, all fundamental for digestion and a balanced, harmonious microbiota. Being high dosage, vegan-friendly vegetable capsules, they are rapidly absorbed. 

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Directions of Use?

5 x PH Caps with 7oz (200ml) of water or freshly pressed juice, three times daily. Or as required. (Any time throughout the day. Before, after and during meals is all 100% okay. Makes no difference.) Please use in pure, non-fluoridated water. 


PH 10.3 deep alkaline ocean salt. Vegan friendly cellulose capsules. 105 capsules. Approx. 1 weeks supply.

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